Repair workshop

containertjanst-bgr8Our affiliate company Stockholms Containertjänst AB offers you repairs. Our knowledge of repairing seacontainers is profound and goes back more than 15 years. Our workshop is located in the port of Stockholm and we cooperate with the CTF-terminal. We repair according to the IICL-standards. Some of our costumers are MSC, Hamburg Sud, K-Line, NYK-Line, CMA CGM, CSAV etc.

Please get contact us:
Phone: +4 8-673 20 10

containertjanst-medarbetare-2                   Ramazan Demirok
       Arne Wahlgren                          Ramazan Demirok
Repair and construction.           Inspection and repair.


Then you have found the right place. Container service is Stockholm’s largest and only specialist in containers for real builders and can quickly and easily deliver a container to you. Whether you want to rent a container or buy a container. In order to perform well as a builder, it is important to have storage that measures up. Our experience of all our customer contacts over the years gives us only one answer; rent a container that has insulation, heat and lighting, it gives you who build a completely different efficiency in the workplace! It is possible to use the container as a work tool; take that chance! it gives you a better chance of doing a good job. We have the industry’s lowest prices and Stockholm Mälardalen’s best capacity, so you will make a good deal no matter how you twist and turn it. We offer containers in several different sizes and lengths and with different types of furnishings adapted for real builders.

The minimum rent for a container is 21 days and after that you pay per calendar day and completely without binding periods. You do not pay for a whole month and you do not commit to a 6-month agreement, but you only pay for the days you actually rent the container (this does not apply to refrigerated containers and special assignments). We offer affordable transport by crane truck to get the container to you.

Renting a container is easy, call us or book via email. We can deliver our standard containers to you within 24 hours. We have over 300 containers in the depots every day. Our containers are delivered from depots in the Länna and Sollentuna industrial area, as well as in Gothenburg. By keeping a large stock of different types of containers, we are quickly in place with several different models. You as a customer thus get maximum service in a short time!

We can also rebuild a container according to your needs and we have extensive experience of all types of conversions. Our tailor-made containers are welded and carpented together in two different workshops. Everything to be able to deliver exactly the container you need.

Are you renting a container for the first time or want to know which model or size of container suits your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us by filling in your telephone number in our form. We will call you immediately.